Baseball Online Betting Types Explained

by Rae Dover
| 25/10/2020

Baseball betting has been popular with Canadian bettors for many years. If you are looking to profit from betting baseball online, the best Canadian sportsbooks in the table below offer plenty of opportunity with the number of markets they offer for each game.  We will break down a number of these markets throughout this article to help you decide which ones you want to look at further.  Choosing the betting type you feel most comfortable and successful with is probasbly the best baseball betting strategy that a punter can follow.

Best Bookmakers - September 2021


The Popular Markets

With sportsbooks currently offering 100+ markets on each individual baseball game, it will take a lot of time to carefully choose the right one for you and your research. If you are new to baseball betting, and some of these terms are that you refer to our guide to baseball betting.  However, there are a number of markets / betting types that are favoured by all bettors, and these are highlighted below:

  • Moneyline - here you bet on the team that will win the game. This market is most beneficial when betting on underdogs as the high odds can payout large amounts. Heavily favoured teams will have very low odds and you will have to place a large amount of money to make it worth your while. 
  • Run Line - sportsbooks always offer this market for each game. The favourite will have a run line of -1.5 and the less favoured team will have a run line of +1.5. These numbers are explained more in the example below:
    New York Yankees -1.5 @ Boston Red Sox +1.5
    In this example, the Yankees would have to win the game by at least 2 runs for your bet to be successful. If they win by 1, then you will lose the bet. The Red Sox can actually lose the game by one or win it outright with a run line of +1.5. If either of these scenarios occurs, your bet will win.
  • Run Totals - you will also have the opportunity to bet on the over / under total runs scored in the game. Your sportsbook will offer a set number depending on how they see the game finishing, and you decide on whether the game will actually finish above or below this number. The odds for this market are always close for both the over and under, but you can always look at the alternative run total market to adjust the total depending on how your research looks.

Best Bookmakers - September 2021



A parlay is not an individual betting market, but it is a type of bet loved by all.  Parlays consist of betting on 2 or more outcomes in a single bet slip. Parlays allow you to clump together a selection of favourites. Betting on each favourite individually will result in lower profits, but betting on 2 or more together can significantly increase the odds and the overall payout. When wagering on a parlay, it must be noted that every single bet must win for you to win the bet. 

Outright and Future Bets

Sportsbooks will also offer markets to bet on at the beginning of each season. A future bet refers to an event happening later in the season and a few examples are listed below:

  • Regular Season Win Totals - you can bet on the number of games that each team will win during the course of the season. 
  • World Series (MLB) - who will win the World Series at the end of the playoffs. Each league around the world has their own version of this series, so please look at each individual competition your sportsbook offers.
  • MVP - the player who will perform the best throughout the season will be named the MVP (most valuable player) and you can bet on who that will be. The top performer in the World Series receives the World Series MVP award.

Other Markets to Bet on

The most popular baseball bets and the future / outright bets have all been highlighted above. Other markets available to Canadian bettors include: 

  • 3rd / 5th / 7th Inning Run Line / Total
    Just like the run Line and total markets explained above, you can bet on what these outcomes will be at the end of the third, fifth and seventh inning. 
  • 1st Inning Total / Hits
    Another market offering great odds is the number of runs / hits in the 1st inning. If an average pitcher is starting against a strong offense, it is definitely worthwhile looking into this market.
  • Player Props
    There are markets available for individual player performances and these are known as player props. These markets include number of strikeouts by each starting pitcher and which player will record a hit / run / home run. 
  • Team Props
    These are team performances that occur during a game. You can bet on the number of hits / runs for each team and which team will have the highest scoring inning. 

There are plenty more markets to bet on, so please check out your sportsbook for the others.  Choosing the betting type you feel most comfortable and successful with is probasbly the best baseball betting strategy that a punter can follow.

In-play Betting

Betting in-play has become as important to baseball betting as betting before the game.  With the majority of markets being offered to us during a game, this allows us to take full advantage of how each team is performing on the night.  If the batters are connecting with the ball and registering a good amount of hits early in the game, then you can bet on the run total going over because runs are likely going to come. 

Backing a team to win in-play when they are losing can be hugely profitable, especially if the opposition is lucky to be ahead and the team you back is actually performing better.  Keep a close eye on live games because value can be found in certain markets. 

Look into each individual market to help increase your chances of winning. In-depth research will allow you to pick each bet carefully and confidently. Good Luck!

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