Top 5 Aussie Rules Online Betting Strategies

by Rae Dover
| 30/11/2020

If you are looking to win big when betting on Aussie Rules Football, then you must keep to a strategy that will help make you profitable over a long period. If you are new to Australian Rules football, you might first want to read our beginner's guide to Aussie Rules betting before proceeding into the 5 tips to winning Aussie Rules strategies tips below. 

1. Sportsbooks & Markets

When betting on any sport online, you have to sign up to a sportsbook. Finding the right sportsbook for Aussie Rules is an extremely important first step to helping you win.  We have a perfect list detailing the best sportsbooks for Canadian bettors directed at Aussie Rules betting.  You will need a sportsbook that offers the best odds, which can be found because all sportsbooks have slight variations in their odds. Getting slightly better odds on your chosen bet will earn you a few extra bucks if your bet is a winner. You also need one that offers the greatest number of markets on Aussie Rules games. Our in-depth list will provide you with all of this information.  Another key to successful betting is knowing the markets inside out. Developing a good understanding of each one will help you to locate value bets where the odds may not have been priced up correctly by the sportsbook.

Best Bookmakers - June 2022


2. Study Form

Research is another key to winning big at Aussie Rules betting, and you should start off by looking at each team’s current form.  Looking at their previous 5 results will show you whether they are on a great run of form or whether they are currently in a slump and can’t win a game. Knowing this will show you which teams are playing with confidence and have a better chance of beating their next opponent.  You should also look into the previous home / away records, depending where the team is playing in their next match. If the upcoming match is Port Adelaide v Geelong Cats, you will need to look at the previous 5 home games for Adelaide and the previous 5 away games for Geelong. Many teams favour playing at home and try to maintain the best record possible there. It is important for them to turn their home field into a fortress!  Spending enough time researching the above will help you decide on how the upcoming game may go and also help you to find value bets to help you win.  

3. Points Scored / Allowed

Looking at how many points a team has either scored or conceded will help you to determine how good their offence and defence is. A team scoring lots of points will show you their offence is on fire and that it will be difficult for their next opponent to stop them. You should also look into who has been scoring the points for the team and check the team sheet prior to the game to make sure those players are starting.  When you have an idea of how many points both teams will likely score and concede, it will help you to place your wagers on the points total market. 

We also recommended looking back at a team’s previous 10 games and seeing what the margin of victory (or defeat) was in each game. If a team is regularly losing in a blow out, you may want to consider your next bet being on the margin of victory.  Comparing all of this research with the odds offered by your sportsbook for each market will allow you to determine the best bets for the upcoming game.

4. Injury Reports

Keeping up to date on the injury reports for each team is another key to successful Aussie Rules betting.  If a star attacker or defender is on the injury list and will not be taking part in the upcoming game, it could have a detrimental effect on a team’s performance. It could limit the number of points scored by the team as a whole, or the defence could constantly give up points the entire game because a back-up defender is playing.  Injury reports are updated daily, but many players wait until game day morning before they are ruled out, so please keep checking them leading up to the start time.

5. Keeping Records and Setting Goals

To be successful at betting on Aussie Rules, you need to keep a track of all your bets. Keeping detailed records will allow you to evaluate your bets and help you to understand what is working and what isn’t. You can then make adjustments to your research to turn the losing bets into winners.  It is also good to set a goal amount that you would like to win and also a starting bankroll. It is always important to work towards a goal, but you must be patient when betting on Aussie Rules, because you are not going to win every single bet. Also, having a set bankroll at the beginning of your journey and choosing a bet amount that is relevant to your bankroll will help you to weather out the bad days. Placing too much money on one or two losing bets will significantly reduce your bankroll, and bad money management is the downfall of most bettors. Please bear this in mind.

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