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Refer a Friend Bonus

For a long time, it has been thought that online casino gaming is a lonely business. This is not exactly true and casinos are determined to assist anyone who is eager to play along with a friend.  Enter the Refer-a-Friend bonus, a promotion designed to help you get your friends playing with you. This type of bonus is a smart way to keep existing players and attract new ones, and you will find it to be quite useful. Apart from bringing a friend to play with, you will also get a financial incentive from the casino to continue playing.


What is a Refer-a-Friend Bonus?

The Refer-a-Friend bonus is an increasingly popular online casino promotion. Casinos that offer it are looking to expand their player base naturally and reward any user that brings another paying customer. In essence, the casino that offers a Refer-a-Friend bonus thinks that if their offer is good enough, you will recommend it to your friends who also share a passion for gaming.  In most cases, casinos are correct in their surmise. The online casino Refer-a-Friend bonus works on a very simple principle. You are given a unique referral link, which you can send as a text message or e-mail to your friend.  Upon receiving the unique code or link, your friend will need to register in the website though the link. As soon as your friend deposits, you will be credited a fixed amount or a percentage of the deposit your friend has made. Let's look at how a Refer-a-Friend program works with concrete examples.

Top Refer-a-Friend Bonuses

Updated - October 2021

Refer-a-Friend Bonus

Sports Interaction Casino Refer a Friend Bonus

  • Send your unique referral invite link to your friends.
  • When they register and sign up, you get a 20% bonus and 30 free spins on their first deposited amount.
  • The maximum bonus amount is $200. The free spins remain valid for 14 days after they are credited.
  • The friend who has registered will also get receives a welcome bonus offer.
  • The wagering requirement for the awarded bonus is X4.

Invite as many friends as you want!


VALID FOR: Returning Players
Refer-a-Friend Bonus

Bring 5 friends to Unibet and Get Free Bets and Bonuses!

  • Sign up for the Refer a Friend bonus offer
  • Use the special link to invite up to five friends
  • Wait for your friends to meet their deposit and wagering requirements
  • Get bonuses and free bets based on how many friends you have invited
    1st Friend - $50 Free Bet
    2nd Friend -100% Deposit bonus up to $80
    3rd friend - $100 Free Bonus Money
    4th Friend - $120 Free Bonus Money
    5th Friend - $150 Free Bonus Money

Claim up to $500 in bonus funds in Unibet's Refer-a-Friend promo!

Refer-a-Friend Bonus

Bodog Sports Refer a Friend Bonus

  • Send your unique referral invite link to your friends.
  • When they register and sign up, you get a 200% bonus on their first deposited amount.
  • The maximum bonus amount is $100
  • The friend who has registered will also get receives a welcome bonus offer.
  • The rollover for the awarded bonus is X5.
  • You can refer as many friends as you want to score unlimited bonuses.
  • The friend you refer will be eligible for up to $1800 in welcome bonuses.
  • The referring player must have made at least one deposit $20 or more to their Bodog account prior to the friend being referred.

Invite as many friends as you want!


Understanding What a Casino Online Refer-a-Friend Bonus Is

By now, you are familiar with the concept, but let's examine a specific example of a bonus. Some operators provide you unlimited number of referrals, but others would prefer if a user could only bring a fixed number of new customers.  So, how does a R-A-F bonus really work?

  • First, you need to sign up for the casino yourself
  • Then, you will go to the R-A-F page and obtain a special referral code
  • Your friend will then have to register and make a deposit

As soon as this is out of the way, you will be rewarded a pre-determined amount, which can be up to $50 per referral. This amount can be either in the form of a bonus (coming with its own wagering requirements) or in the form of no-strings-attached money (which means that you can withdraw it right away).  The best Canadian online casino Refer-a-Friend bonus you can get will usually let you have the money as withdrawable money. In other cases, you will have to wait for your friend to clear the wagering requirements themselves.  It all depends. We have seen Refer-a-Friend bonuses whereby you can only recruit a fixed number of gamers, for example five, with the total bonus amount you can get from all referrals capped at $300.

Finding the Best Refer-a-Friend Casino Bonuses

To find the best Refer-a-Friend bonus, you will have to start looking at the best casinos in business. Comb their offers carefully and make sure to familiarize yourself with the wagering requirements that come with each individual promotion.  For the most part, Refer-a-Friend promotions are generous and practical. You won't be bogged down in unnecessary playthrough requirements as the casino will hope to keep your referrals as active customers.  Some Refer-a-Friend schemes will even go a step further by offering to reimburse any referral who loses their first wager. To pick the best bonuses, though, you will have to keep reading carefully through the Terms and Conditions (TOC) of each individual offer.

Refer-a-Friend Wagering Requirements

Every top Refer-a-Friend bonus online comes with a set of requirements which will explain how the offer works. You are advised to make sure to double check with the Terms and Conditions of the bonus offer and always look for important details, such as the deadline of the offer, the amount it grants, as well as any other conditions that can come handy.  As long as you read the fine script and let your friend know about anything they should expect, the Refer-a-Friend bonus should benefit you both to a great extent. Your friend will also get something out of the Refer-a-Friend offer, as it will credit him with playable funds, usually around $50 again.

How Does Refer-a-Friend Compare to Other Bonuses?

Refer-a-Friend usually comes with lighter wagering requirements which makes it a great way to introduce someone to a casino and help them develop their bankroll without any pressure. The fact that you will also benefit from the offer is just another incentive to try and bring your friends onboard with a casino that you know lives up to the highest industry standards.  Of course, you can also recommend some of the welcome bonuses or welcome packages to your friend, but a Refer-a-Friend bonus comes with a handful of fail-safes (such as more bonus credits if a referral loses their first bet/wager).  In a word, a RAF bonus seems a very wise choice for anyone who is just getting familiar with the industry.

Start Referring Your Friends Right Away

A great Refer-a-Friend bonus is there to help you share the excitement of playing at Canadian online real money casinos with your friends. The added financial incentive alone should be a reason enough to bring your friends alone. Follow our recommended choices for a Refer-a-Friend bonus and make sure that you are getting the most value out of your effort and money.

Refer-a-Friend Bonus - Where Friends Make a Difference!

Refer-a-Friend Bonus FAQs

20% Up to
$200 + Spins
Invite Friends to SIA
Invite 5 Friends
Get 5 Bonuses
200% up to
Invite Friends to Bodog

Are Refer-a-Friend Bonuses Worth It in 2021?

Refer-a-Friend bonuses remain one of the most useful promotions in 2021. You can use this bonus multiple times, with each instance granting you upwards of $50 in ready cash that you can withdraw directly or play through very quickly. 

How to Pick the Best Refer-a-Friend Casino Bonus?

The best Refer-a-Friend online casino bonuses are very easy to follow. They come with wagering requirements that are fulfilled very quickly, allowing you and your friend(s) to enjoy great rewards.

What are the Pros of Refer a Friend Bonuses?

Refer a Friend Bonuses help you find company playing online, give you great financial incentives, and are open to use multiple times.

What are the Cons of Refer a Friend Bonuses?

Refer a Friend Bonuses are totally dependent on the "friend"/invitee making a deposit at the casino.

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