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Payment Method Bonus

Casinos and sportsbooks are big on bonuses. They know that customers love starting their gaming experience with a little extra that would allow you to incrementally and steadily build your bankroll. This is why you will often be tempted to use a specific payment method to secure an extra bonus that a casino offers. To help you hand-pick the best payment method bonuses, we will provide you with all the vital information that every casino player should know about these specific bonuses, how they differ from the rest and where to find the best ones.

What Are Online Casino Payment Method Bonuses?

Casino bonuses are an indelible part of each casino's offer. There are all sorts of promotions that are featured on the casino pages and they serve one specific goal – to grow your bankroll and keep you at the casino, which in turn, boosts your chances of achieving profit.  There have been many promotions tested since the industry went online. Today, one of the still common offers is the online casino payment method bonus.

As the name suggests, this is a bonus that is based on the payment method you use. Some casinos are eager to offer a little extra incentive if you choose to deposit with Interac or iDebit, for example, or even bank cards. Of course, the available offer will depend exclusively on the needs and preferences of the casino you are playing at.  Casinos have their specific reasons for wanting you to choose one payment method over another. Most commonly this is for the sake of efficiency – operators are simply better at processing a certain type of payments, as in each case they have to check the money, guarantee their origin and also coordinate with a number of payment processor before the money reaches your bank account.  In other cases, a new payment solution makes payments immensely simpler, which gives a casino an incentive to offer you bonuses for these payment methods exclusively.

Types of Casino Online Payment Method Bonus

The most common type of payment method bonus is of course the welcome offer, which usually credits you 100% of the initial sum you deposit, up to a specific threshold, usually from $100 to around $250. This number is arbitrary and there are promotions that go well beyond that.  Regulated casinos, however, usually keep the bonuses lower so as to allow players to focus on the gameplay itself rather than chasing big sums of bonus money.  You will deposit with a specific payment option like Interac or Bitcoin and be instantly credited the designated bonus. This is not all there is and payment methods can easily fetch you some extra money via other bonuses as well.  We have seen different casinos grant you 15%-20% of the sum you deposit as a bonus amount if you choose one specific payment option.

This is a very convenient and pleasant way to top off your bankroll even further. Other than these small incentives, there are also the Reload Bonuses that can be obtained by opting for a specific payment method over another. A Reload Bonus based on the payment method means that every time you add to your casino funds, you will get something on top of your own money.

This is how your bankroll will grow incrementally and consistently.

Reading the Fine Print – Pick the Right Payment Method Bonus for Yourself

All deposits come with a set of conditions known as wagering requirements. These wagering requirements are an essential part of the bonus and they specify the exact conditions under which a bonus amount can be cashed out of the casino.  Most casino customers often end up ignoring these provisions, but even a top payment method bonus online will come with some rules that you need to follow in order to be successful in your use of bonus funds and benefit from the promotion.  We advise players to double-check the terms and conditions of any online casino bonus offer.

Should You Use a Specific Payment Method Bonus Over Another?

Just like with any other promotion you will ever find on a casino, you will always ask yourself if you are going after the best promotion. Well, the fact is that will solely depend on the casino you are playing with. So far as welcome bonuses go, there can be slightly incentive which will make it worth to pick.  Most commonly, players prefer the "reload payment bonus", which, as we explained, is a fixed percentage of bonus on the amount you deposit – sometimes up to 20%.  It's very subjective to determine what the best online casino payment method bonus is, but this will strictly depend on your expectations, needs and preferences. If you are more of a slots player, then you will want to make sure that any wagering requirements a bonus may have don't restrict the use of the bonus funds on these specific games.  Similarly, if you prefer table games, some bonuses will be better-geared towards players who play blackjack, baccarat, and roulette. It's all very individual, but thankfully we can read through the terms and conditions and make an informed decision very easily.

A Final Word on the Payment Method Bonus

There are quite a few reasons why you would want to pick a specific payment method – most commonly it all has to do with the fact that it's very handy and simple to use.  Plus, the extra money bonus, as long as they come with a reasonable set of wagering requirements, is very welcome.

Payment Method Bonuses - Simple and Specific to Your Banking Preferences


Payment Method Bonus FAQs

2 bonuses of
50% up to $100 each
on Xmas Interac deposits

Are Payment Method Bonuses Popular?

Yes, payment method bonuses are quite common. They are used by casinos to let you know which payment method is the most preferable. This way you slash some of the processing time it takes to handle your money as well as choose the safest depositing method.

Should I Use to a Payment Method Bonus?

Yes. Payment method bonuses are a great way to top up your bankroll and could add a nice percentage bonus without any restrictive wagering requirements. Some casinos even allow you to piggy back a payment method bonus on top of other bonus offers.

What are the Pros of Payment Method Bonuses?

Payment Method Bonuses are a very accessible for boosting your overall casino funds and generally come with low wagering requirements.

What are the Cons of Payment Method Bonuses?

Payment Method Bonuses are restricted to a single payment method, or a group of linked or affiliated methods.

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