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The High Roller/VIP bonus has always been the stuff of casino legends. Who gets the offers? How big are they? How do you make the cut?  There are many ways to approach the topic, but the truth is – every casino makes its own rules for what a High Roller player is.

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Understanding Online Casino High Roller/VIP Bonuses

A High Roller bonus is a promotion intended at players who play with big amounts of money. How big the money – nobody really knows, as each casino will always choose its own specific terms and conditions.  Check casino reviews online and then dig around each individual casino's VIP section to check the top offers.  

It's worth noting that these bonuses are not open to all customers, as casinos tend to be a little selective when it comes to assigning this sort of bonus.  Don't worry, because getting a High Roller bonus will be no challenge at all if you love to play a lot at a great casino.  Once you have been admitted into this circle of players, you will be known as a VIP customer, with access to better bonuses, special rewards and other promotions fully worth the effort of obtaining the status of a High Roller player in the first place.

Who Is a High Roller?

Everyone wants a top High Roller/VIP bonus online, but only a select few will get one.  Usually, if you tend to be a good customer, stick with the promotions and keep coming back, you are bound to catch they eye of the casino.

Big spenders are often allowed to join these private membership groups where the casino will shower them with additional bonuses, better betting limits, faster withdrawals and other special benefits that include a quicker way to talk to customer support and even a private VIP manager who will assist you with everything you may need,  from which games to play to how to access a specific promotion.  

As a High Roller, you will be given actual negotiating power and work with your VIP manager. Let's say that you are not happy with your current betting limits. This is something you can run through your VIP manager and before you know it, you will be allowed to enjoy yourself even bigger bets.

There seems to be no consistent pre-determined criteria about becoming a High Roller. For example, there are players who enjoy different gaming experiences in the casinos that include:

  • Video poker
  • Online slots
  • Blackjack
  • Roulette

Whatever your preferred type of entertainment, though, the only common denominator that we have established is the fact that High Roller and VIP players all enjoy to spend a lot of money on the products offered at the casino, and there's no shame in that.

The Advantages of Being a VIP Customer

There are many reasons why you will want to be a VIP customer. The casino online High Roller/VIP bonus is not the only perk there is. You will be offered a better overall return for your money and this starts with customizable offers that have been created to accommodate you personally.

If you enjoy online slots the most, the casino can choose to provide you with an exclusive bonus going your way designed for some of the best slot games. A further benefit is that you will be able to withdraw your money quickly and without any extra hassle as the casino will prioritize your financial transactions.  If we discuss the best online casino High Roller/VIP bonuses specifically, you will notice that players who are eligible for such bonuses will usually have quicker or much simpler wagering requirements, which is another reason to try and get this promo altogether.

This is not all. Loyalty points are usually accumulated for every $5 or $10 you stake. You can convert loyalty points back into real money, which creates another origin of bonus money you can either withdraw or play with right away.  Of course, the conversion rate won't be great when you begin, but once you are qualified as a High Roller, you will see immediate and sizeable improvement in the rate you convert your loyalty points back for real money. Better yet, you will have another source to top of your play funds and add to them while having fun.

Those VIP Get-togethers Are Glorious

You have perhaps heard that some casinos will actually organise events outside the online casino for their more highly-esteemed customers. High rollers can be offered an opportunity to go to a safari in Africa, visit a famous casino in a luxury resort, or head over to the even more exotic Thailand.  Each casino will try to come up with a far more exciting live event than the competition. Therefore, it's entirely up to the casino's imagination to surprise you and introduce you to a new level of entertainment.  Safari and holidays aside, you get to attend sporting events and exclusive parties where only the casino's most esteemed players are.

Your Friend: The Dedicated VIP Manager

We have mentioned it before, but dedicated VIP managers are really appreciated by customers who love to play in the company of a casino expert who will be at their beck and call, ready to solve and oblige in way they can.  The VIP managers will seek to negotiate better strategies for you, help you out with the choice of a game and even discuss possible promotions and exclusive options for you alone. Yes, you actually can bargain for a special treatment with your manager, and if your request is feasible, such as higher betting limits, for example, you have a great chance of being successful!

Final Thought - High Roller and VIP Bonuses

The VIP bonuses and High Roller options are a fantastic way to keep yourself entertained at a casino of your choice. Play with the big money and treat yourself to some exclusive bonuses and exotic getaways.

High Rollers at the Best Casinos Get Exclusive Perks and Pleasures!


High Roller/VIP Bonuses


  • Great table limits
  • Huge potential profit
  • Fast gameplay 


  • Bigger risk   

High Roller/VIP Bonus FAQs

What's a Good Budget for High Roller/VIP Bonuses?

High Roller/VIP Bonuses are granted at the discretion of the casino. The more money you care to wager, the better your chances of getting a bonus are.   As you invest more, the casino will extend new High Rolling bonuses.  It can also help if you are a slots player, which is a preferred class of High Roller/VIP customers for most casinos.

How to Find the Best High Rolling/VIP Bonuses?

Remember to always play with recommended and licensed brands.  All respected operators offer great VIP bonus opportunities and many High Roller dividends, but you will first have to make sure that the casino you've looked up is worth your while.

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