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Bingo - You're Never Too Young to Try It

When people think of bingo they think of their Gran at a bingo hall on the weekend, sitting in a plastic chair while someone calls out numbers. Today the world of bingo has been transformed and you can play it without ever having to leave your home. Rest assured when you play online bingo it is much more exciting than the traditional rental hall style Bingo of old. With this beginner's guide to online bingo you will learn how times have changed for Canada’s favourite online game.

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The Basics of How to Play Bingo

Bingo is a game where you get a ticket/card that has a random selection of numbers on it with the letters corresponding to the name of the game across the top feeling all five spaces. The idea is to cross off the numbers you have on your tickets when they get revealed. The overall goal is to match rows or patterns in order to win. There are variants of bingo online didn't have many different incentives, prizes, and jackpots.

When you play bingo at an online casino you can play more than one card at a time although as a newcomer you might want to try everything with just one card to see how quickly the game moves. Some games move faster than others and it might get a little overwhelming to play with multiple cards at once. You don't want to risk missing number on your sheet. When you play Bingo in a bingo hall the numbers that get called out are located on balls. They are printed on physical balls all of which are contained inside of some form of unit that can be spun or twisted about, perhaps just inside of a glass container where they can be mixed for randomization. The person in charge pulls out one at a time and calls the number and if you have it on your card you mark it off. With a virtual game the same thing happens but the balls are digitized and they get revealed on your screen so you can cross them off on your card.

Knowing how to play bingo at an online casino doesn’t involve any big secrets of online bingo.  Rather, you just need to know the basic bingo strategy. You are not playing against the dealer or against the other players per say although you are racing against them to steal your card faster. There is simply no way for you to cheat this or work harder or faster to beat them, it is essentially a game of luck. You get to mark off whatever squares are called on your card, hopefully before everyone else. In some virtual settings it isn't just the first winner who received the prize. They might disseminate prizes for the top three winners or top five winners. There are plenty of options.

Bingo Terminologies

For traditional bingo games, the bingo hall refers to the space where the game is played. Virtual settings when you play bingo at online casinos it may or may not refer to the Bingo Hall or Bingo Room as a virtual space where the game is played. At many online casinos, when you click on the website, will have a separate button you click in order to reach the bingo hall. The card refers to the virtual or physical card on which your randomize numbers are printed. This card is generated and given to you mark off as you play. A bingo tournament refers to a tournament in a virtual or physical setting where you are competing to be the winner and move on to subsequent competitions and achieve incrementally higher rewards.  Bingo jackpots can be linked to multiple casino sites or multiple bingo games and they accumulate earnings for the jackpot each time people play. Once somebody wins the game, and hearing to whatever rules are stipulated for winning the jackpot, they win whatever amount has been accumulated until that point.

If you are playing on a specific site, you can always visit their terms and conditions page to find out what their offerings are. Some bingo sites might have regular online games, others might offer games where players can use multiple cards at once. If you are interested in tournaments or special prizes, look for sites that offer such things.  Thanks to online gameplay, anyone looking to try their hand at bingo, no pun intended, can do so from the comfort of their home. Any mistakes made are not viewed by a room full of players which can reduce the social anxiety many newcomers offen face. Moreover, online bingo halls typically offer bonuses for beginner players and options to slow things down or speed things up based on personal preference. 

Play Online

Playing bingo at an online casino is easy after you visit True North Casinos. When you play online at sites listed here you get the convenience of being able to play on your own time. You don't have to wait until Saturday afternoon. No matter where you are you can try bingo from whatever device you prefer. Moreover you get the option of playing a demo version for free. This is great for people who want to test the speed of the game, for those who might want to try playing with more than one card at one time, and for people who just enjoy the game for the fun of it.

Casino Bingo - For the Fun of It!


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